Entry € 140 + Registration € 20. Total € 160

A double elimination tournament with fighters’ bracket.

Match length: 11-pts. In Main, and 7-pts. for the Fighters. / Final 13-pts. (and 9-pts. if a second final match is needed.)

Three prizes  (50%/30%/20%)

  • EUBGF Tournament Rules applies – You can read the online PDF here

Entry €150  (10% registration fee)

Modus: 12 Rounds Triple KO – 11 point matches

Clocks Mandatory and will be set to 18 mins. per pair + 12 sec. delay time.

Five prizes (30%/25%/20%/15%10%)

150€ Optional Sidepool in WBIF FINAL EVENT / In the case of players who get disqualified with the same number of points, the prize is shared (split depends on the number of participants). Two Prizes (70%/30%) NO REG FEE for Sidepool.

  • EUBGF Tournament Rules applies – You can read the online PDF here

Entry €175 + Registration €25. Total €200

A Doubles Consultation single elimination tournament, open for everybody, EBIF Tour Finalists or not. Matches will be played during the whole period of the games according to the availability of players, but around Saturday afternoon, the organization may ask a couple to be represented by a single player, if the other is still engaged in the WBIF Tour Finals.

Match length: 11-pts.

Clocks Mandatory and will be set to 22 mins. per pair + 15 sec. delay time.

Two prizes (70%/30%) – Trophies for the winners of the tournament.

  • EUBGF Tournament Rules applies – You can read the online PDF here

Entry € 40 + Registration € 5. Total € 35

A single elimination speed tournament

Match Length: 5-points

Clocks Mandatory and will be set to 2 mins. per player + 10 sec. delay time.

There will be an opportunity for rebuys, depending on the number of participants.

Two or four prices prizes, depending on the amount of participants.

  • EUBGF Tournament Rules applies – You can read the online PDF here

Entry €260 + Registration € 40. Total € 300

A single elimination Super Jackpot

Match Length: 9-points

Two prizes (70/30%)

  • EUBGF Tournament Rules apply – You can read the online PDF here

A single elimination, 5-pt. matches tournament, reserved for players who have already registered for the 3rd Athens Open. Free of charge.
Prize to be announced.

There will be continuous mini-jackpots running throughout the event (€10 / €20 / €50 / €100), in which there will be an 85% return to the winners.
The Greek Federation would like to subsidize the player who scores best in its jackpots, regardless whether he / she has managed to win any individual mini-jackpots.
Every win gives points which are relative to the level of entry fee – that is, a player who constantly participates in €10 jackpots, needs ten victorious matches to reach a player who has achieved a single win at a €100 jackpot.
A special pot is created, which receives 5% of all entry fees, plus a subsidy by the Greek Federation: €100 if popular interest proves to be low and we finish up to 20 mini-jackpots, or €200 if the total number of mini-jackpots held, exceeds 20 – irrespective of the level of entry fees.
The player who has collected the most points from Wednesday evening to Sunday afternoon (the exact time will be announced on site), wins the total pot – plus the title of the Athens Open Jackpots’ Jackpot Winner, accompanied by a commemorative cup!

Entry €20 + Registration € 5. Total € 25

FreeGammon and RandomGammon are two variances of Backgammon, which are based on the same idea: A different starting position in every game!
Over the years, there have been attempts to create new games by changing the initial position of checkers and some, have attracted public attention (eg. Nackgammon). Our proposal is much more radical: Change everything at any new game! It can be argued that the constant starting position of a traditional backgammon game, is so much thoroughly studied over the decades (especially after the introduction of bots), that players can learn at least the three first moves by heart. Therefore, players with a better memorization ability, have an advantage over others, who may be blessed with other qualities, such as strategic understanding of a position.
These games are especially designed for the latter sort of players.
No more five checkers stacked on the six-point.
No more a 167 – 167 pips race.
Best first rolls become completely different in the context of a completely different position every time. There may be games where an initial 51 will be significantly better than a 31.
All other rules of backgammon apply.

Entry €20 + Registration € 5. Total € 25

The Swing (“Havuz” in Turkish) is a backgammon variance which is particularly popular in Turkey. We would like to thank Arda Findikoğlu, for sharing with us his experience in organizing such events.

All the participants registered for the Swing, are given 10 points for the start. As rounds continue, the players who lose all their points are eliminated and the player who collects all the points of all other players at the end, becomes the winner. Players are paired in the beginning of each round by manual random draw and asked to play a single pointer with the doubling cube included in the game, as if it were a money game. Gammons and backgammons are normally counted. At the end of each game, the game points are multiplied with the doubling cube rate to calculate the points transfered from one player to the other. As rounds go by, the stakes rate is increased. If a player has less points than the stakes level of that round, then she / he plays for all of her / his points. If a player gets a “bye” in the draw, he pairs the first name drawn in the draw of next round.
Stake levels per round: 1/1/2/2/5/5/10/10/20/20/20/40/40/40/80/80/80/All In