King Saron Hotel  is located at the coast of Kavos Isthmias, at the Peloponnese peninsula. The hotel is situated roughly midway, on the road which connects the city of Corinth (both Ancient and Modern) and the worldwide famous Epidaurus ancient theatre.

There is frequent connection with both the centre of Athens and the Athens International Airport “El. Venizelos”, through the Proastiakos Railway (ticket price: €14).

The Hotel organizes transfers (price: €12) from and to the Korinthos Station of the specific railway*.

*a prior arrangement with the Hotel is necessary!


  1. Send an email to “” to make your reservation (name, persons, dates, etc.) for the “Backgammon tournament”. Then you will get a confirmation.
  2. Get your flight tickets to Athens airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. Choose arrival time before 22.09 when leaves the last train to “Korinthos” or else you will wait until the morning for the next train.
  3. At return, the earlier you can arrive from Korinthos to airport by train is 06.47 and the latest 21.47 (Greek time = CET +1). Be carefull in your flight tickets.
  4. Welcome to Greece! Go to the airport train station and buy your tickets to “Korinthos”. It costs 12 euros per person. Get it with return to have a deduction (18 instead of 24)
  5. The train “Proastiakos” leaves from the airport every 1 hour at XX.09. First train 06.09 , last train 22.09.
  6. Change the train at the station “Kato Acharnai” at XX.42 which departs immediatelly (XX.44) to “Korinthos”. Use the same ticket. Dont loose it or else you will wait 1 hour for next train.
  7. Your arrival in Korinthos station will be at XX.39 (1.30 hour total)
  8. Call the Hotel (0030) 27410 37273-6 and tell them your arrival time (you can do it before getting the train) and a car will wait to get you to hotel (about 10 mins distance)
  9. Enjoy!


Taxi service with app called GETTRANSFER

(Around 145€ for a round trip from airport, but prices are negotiable) :

Link to website

Download GETTRANSFER app :

Another taxi service with app called BEAT :

(Price unknown - Better to check in APP when at airport) :

Link to BEAT website

Download BEAT app :