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With wishes for a great 2021,
The World Backgammon Internet Federation

· WBIF reserves the right to hold the Finals Tournament online, if travelling to Athens
is prohibited in October 2021.

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Will you conquer Athens in October 2021?

It is a pleasure for the whole WBIF staff to invite you all to participate in the prestigious 2021 WBIF Tour. This year’s Finals will be held in Athens, capital city of Greece and the undisputed birthplace of western civilization.

We welcome you to a weekend packed with backgammon accompanied with breathtaking views at AMARILIA HOTEL IN ATHENS

2 tournaments will be held simultaneously, WBIF and Amarilia Cup.
Apart from that you can also try your luck in one of the side events or the super jackpot.

Pack your lucky dice, sun lotion and join the fun!

Backgammon with a View

What is WBIF Final?

With the WBIF Tournament you can play Backgammon Online and qualify for the Live Final in the sunny and exotic country of Greece!

The European Backgammon Internet Federation’s (WBIF) are arranging 3 Online tournaments at wbif.net.
The 30 players who has won the most matches over all 3 online tournaments will qualify for the final event.

What is Amarilia Cup?

For those that gets eliminated from the WBIF tournament after the 10th round, we offer the chance to participate in the Amarilia Cup.

This Live Tournament is separate from WBIF, but held at the same date and venue so you get the chance to have more winning chances.

The tournament is a Double Elimination Tournament with fighters bracket.

What side events are offered?

Everyone is welcome to join the side events, no matter if you play WBIF, Amarilia Cup, or both.

This super gammon-packed extended weekend will also offer side events such as a Amarilia Doubles Consultation tournament, Amarilia Speed ​​Gammon, Amarilia Super Jackpot, Mini Jackpots and special side events, so there will be plenty of chances to play, enjoy and win!

Amarilia Hotel

13, Agiou Nikolaou str.

166 71 Vouliagmeni,

Athens Greece

Sports & Leisure

The hotel has an outdoor sweet water swimming pool while the sandy beach, only steps from the hotel, offers
most of the nautical sports.


The Hotel has 100 rooms and suites (each suite with 2 double rooms and a sitting area). All rooms and suites
have balconies with sea or pool view and have been recently renovated.

6 Reasons to visit Greece

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Sunny Weather

In Athens, the capital of Greece, the climate is Mediterranean, with mild, moderately rainy winters and hot, sunny summers, andt he city is located near the 38th parallel.

Backgammon action

We offer you an extended weekend packed with backgammon! 2 tournaments will be held simultaneously, WBIF and Amarilia Cup. Apart from that you can also try your luck in one of the side events or the super jackpot.

Mediterranean Hospitality

The Greek people are genuinely warm people that welcomes you with open arms. Its population is approximately 10.7 million as of 2018; Athens is its largest and capital city, followed by Thessaloniki.

Everything is close by

The Amarilia Hotel has a central location in Athens offering swimming, shopping, and sightseeing just around the corner - and if you want to take a longer tour, taxi rides are very cheap and buses are plentiful.

History & Culture

Ancient Greece refers to a period of Greek history lasted from the Dark Ages to the end of antiquity (c. AD 600). In common usage, it refers to all Greek history before Roman Empire, but historians use the term more precisely.

The Nightlife

Don't underestimate Athens' nightlife scene. ... It's a pretty big city, so it's probably best to break down Athens' nightlife by neighbourhood.

 Amarilia Hotel

Everyone loves looking at beautiful eye candy.

Team Members

Michail Proukakis

Tournament Director for the 3rd Athens Open & the Amarilla Cup

Stefanos Haraklias

President of the Backgammon Federation of Greece

Georgios Ntislis

Tournament Director for the WBIF Tour Finals

Bernhard Mayr

President of the WBGF / WBIF

Evangelos Loridas

Technical Director

Claus Elken

Website Manager

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